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The PP has won the European elections in Spain, whilst also increasing their lead over second place rivals the PSOE. However, both those groups have suffered significant losses, with the smaller, independent parties gaining even more.

The PP will hold 16 seats, compared to the 24 they had in the 2009 elections, whereas the PSOE hold 14, compared to their 23 in 2009. The remaining seats of the 54 places will be held by the independent parties.

Locally, both the PP and the PSOE suffered huge losses, with the PP in Orihuela receiving 8,554 votes, compared to the 15,789 of 2009, but still holding 45.1% of the vote, a significant drop from their 65.6% share in 2009. The PSOE dropped to 4,355 votes from their 6,668 in 2009, now with a 22.9% share, compared to their 27.7% in 2009. The biggest gainers here were the UPyD and the EUPV groups.

Similar in Torrevieja, the PP dropped from 9,267 votes in 2009 to 5,910 votes this year, holding 45.7% of the share, compared to 53.7% in 2009, whereas the PSOE dropped from 6,421 in 2009 to 3,946 in 2014, maintaining 22.9% of the share, compared to their 37.2% in2009. Once again the UPyD were seen as the most favourable of the smaller opposition groups.

Quite how these figures will be considered as significant to the politicians remains to be seen, with many people now showing their unhappiness with the performance of both the larger parties, the next Spanish national and local elections are becoming increasingly closer, so if the politicians don´t make a significant change quickly, the future could well be a very different one following years of austerity, corruption, mistrust and suffering.

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