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Multayuda, a company set up to support motorists throughout Spain in defending the rights of drivers, believe that numerous fines issued by Spain´s airborne radar system, Pegasus, could be considered as dubious, after winning a case on behalf of a motorist caught speeding.

The company are self professed experts in Road Safety Law and the Law of Land Transport Management, and have over 20 years of service experience. They say that their goal is to give you the best possible defence for fines, throughout Spain, and say that they have helped over 500,000 drivers.

The recent case revolved around the margin of error that is allowed for speeding motorists, where they argued that the wrong regulations were being consulted by the helicopter based system, as this margin was only valid for equipment used in ground based capture.

According to the company, the regulations and margin being enforced by the DGT were from a 1992 technical draft, whereas they ought to be referring to a more recent version, which favours the driver. In some cases, the difference in the margin could mean a significant reduction in fines, and in the more severe cases, could mean the difference between being sent to prison or remaining free.

The case which the company fought was on behalf of a driver who was punished for the “serious” offense of driving at 153 kilometres per hour on a road in Seville where the limit was 120 kmph. The driver was issued with a 300 euro fine and suffered the loss of two points for driving at a speed in excess of 30 kilometres per hour above the limit.

However, taking the margin of error into account, the speed recorded could have been slightly below 150, thus taking it below the “serious” offense threshold, thus making it just a 100 euro fine and no loss of points.

Capable of snapping speeding vehicles up to a kilometre away, Pegasus began operating in March of 2013, and has completed over 500 flying hours, checked 9,960 vehicles and clocked 1,778 drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 kilometres per hour above the allowed speed on the roads. As well as hefty fines, Pegasus has taken away a total of 1,360 points from drivers for speeding.

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