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Local Police in Seville are set to see their aesthetic standards raised, as a new draft ruling on dress and deportment is set to be approved, replacing their current standards which were implemented in 1926.

In particular, under the plans, tattoos should not be visible, and the men will also not be allowed to wear bracelets or necklaces, nor with they be allowed long hair, and certainly not “pony tails”, nor will they be allowed to add a splash of colour, as the article states, they should have “natural hair” and explicitly prohibits “striking colourations”, as well as “hairstyles, makeup, accessories or anything else that could be considered bizarre or extravagant, or contrary to the image that should be conveyed to citizens”.

“The hair of the male staff will be cut in the classic tapered shape, shall not exceed in length the top of the collar or outerwear as appropriate, shall not cover the ears”, and the officers should avoid excessive adjustment. The men are also required to “shave properly”, although beards are allowed, they must be “short and trimmed” and in the case of the “moustache”, it must have “discrete dimensions”.

In the case of the female officers, they are allowed long hair, although theirs must be “collected in the form of ponytail or braid” and must not exceed shoulder length thereof. The hairstyle, under no circumstances, may prevent the face from being completely clear and visible.

In fact, facial visibility is also covered in the rule relating to sunglasses. They may be worn by both male and female officers, but not the American style mirrored ones, and in any case, the officers must remove their sunglasses from their face when talking to a member of the public, or as they put it, “caring for a citizen”.

Smoking, eating and chewing anything is also banned under the draft, except during authorised breaks, and officers must always maintain an “upright” posture, without leaning on walls or vehicles, “avoiding postures denoting negligence, indolence or neglect”.

When dealing with members of the public, the officers are expected to remain polite, respectful and “avoid using violence in language and manners”, whilst being “accessible and easily recognizable”.

The new regulations are designed to give special attention to the uniformity of the officers and the need to submit the physical aspect considered most appropriate for the performance of their functions for interacting with citizens.

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