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Rajoy said Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom”” title=”Rajoy said “We celebrate Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom”” />

Spain Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced the following assessment on the referendum held last Thursday in Scotland:

"I would like to congratulate the Scottish people on deciding – clearly and unequivocally – to remain part of the United Kingdom and, by extension, the European Union.

They have done so by a wide margin, peacefully and with meticulous respect for the law in their country.

We celebrate Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom. We celebrate its ongoing contribution to the greatness, cohesion and development of the United Kingdom.

As citizens of Europe, we are also glad that the citizens of Scotland are staying with us; collaborating and participating as important partners in the great political project that is the European Union.

With their decision, the people of Scotland have avoided the serious economic, social, institutional and political consequences that would have stemmed from leaving the United Kingdom and Europe.

On Thursday, they chose between segregation and integration, between isolation and opening up, between stability and uncertainty, between security and certain risk. And they have chosen the most favourable option for all: for them, for the rest of the British people and for Europe as a whole.

I strongly believe in the integration of the European Union, I believe that this is the path which has led us to overcome the tragedies of our past and enables us to successfully tackle the challenges of the future. In order to succeed in that endeavour, we need everyone; and that is why we are very happy that Scotland has decided to stay with us".

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