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The Catholic run charitable organization Cáritas has presented its latest poverty report this week, revealing that one in four people in Spain are now living in poverty.

According to the report, there has been an increase of 4.4 million people facing the worst of the financial crisis since 2008, with the number of people now living in poverty reaching a record 11.7 million. Of those people, the report says that 77% have no work and 61% are struggling to find a place to live. The report also says that half a million families in Spain have no source of income.

The official unemployment figure in Spain is around 23%, and despite the country showing signs of recovery, the report suggests that, “there are no signs that the tendency towards worsening social problems has not stopped”.

Cáritas spokesperson, Sebastian Mora, said, “Economic growth on its own does not lead to equality”, adding, “What is clear is that to fight poverty and social exclusion, you need to boost social protection. It is true that there have been programmes and plans…but these efforts are absolutely insufficient”.

During their current term in office, the government of Mariano Rajoy has been criticised for its policies that have led to the crisis worsening for the more vulnerable member of society, with increased taxes, frozen public salaries and severe cuts to public services such as education and healthcare.

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