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A crematorium in America believes they are taking their services to the next level by integrating new technology.

Cremation Solutions are using 3D printers to create a mini replica of the head of the dear departed, which is then attached to the body of an action figure for a permanent member of your lost Superman or Wonder Woman, or any of the range they have on offer.

What´s more, the finished figure carries a secret of its own, as it is actually hollow and has been created in order to act as an urn for the collection and storage of the ashes of the person it replicates.

Although the concept may seem a little morbid at first, to have your loved one´s remains encased in such a unique container may well serve as a permanent reminder of their actual super powers, and with a price tag of 100 dollars, it´s probably well within the budget of most. Unless you want to add a custom wig that is, which will set you back an additional 300 dollars.

If the superhero range is not quite to your liking, the company can also print the head of your loved one as a life-sized urn, which is then presented on its own pedestal, albeit at a cost of 2,600 dollars, and the company also provides a more “classic” range of urns, should neither of these be quite up your street.

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