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Spanish airport operator AENA has offered to run the new Murcia Regional airport at Corvera, despite saying that they will not close San Javier unless they receive 72 million euro in compensation for their investment there, and despite the fact that the original plans for Corvera were for it to be run by a private operator.

The current owner of Corvera, Sacyr, now faces new conditions imposed by the Ministry of Development, which could hinder their planned opening for operations in April next year, even though they have already hired a number of workers.

It is possible that under the new conditions, Aena could be the only viable option for the management of the facility, after a lack of agreement between the Ministry and Sacyr at the last meeting in Madrid.

Sacyr has said that they will not leave the airport, after investing 6 million euro, unless their outstanding issues are resolved or better terms are presented.

The Spanish airspace has already undergone partial privatisation, with Aena themselves under the threat of being taken over by the private sector,

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