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DNA was taken from the bone remains of a newborn girl exhumed in Alicante cemetery

A judge has ordered the provisional dismissal of an investigation into the alleged theft of a baby, which was said to have occurred in Alicante in the 1980s. I

n his findings the judge said that the participation of the three doctors in the events had not been proven, sources close to the investigation report.

This case was filed at the request of the Chief Prosecutor, who received the complaint in 2012, following the examination of DNA taken from the bone remains of a newborn girl exhumed in Alicante cemetery.
In investigating the case, the judge took statements from the three defendants, two gynecologists in a private clinic in the city, where the complainant gave birth and the doctor who signed the death certificate.
The case made the doctors the first healthcare professionals in Alicante ever involved in a criminal prosecution for the alleged theft of a baby.

The prosecution itself asked the court to archive the case for lack of evidence against the accused. They said that the three defendants could not be prosecuted on the grounds that they could not be attributed to any crime based on the results of various evidence collected.

In their statements the three doctors, who are all retired, said they don’t remember anything about the case. Investigations also failed to show that any of them had actually participated in the birth and in the case of pediatrician who had confirmed the death, at that time his physical presence was not actually required in such situations.

The mother said that she was told her baby had been born with serious heart problems and as such she was initially moved to a hospital in Madrid where she is said to have undergone a series of tests. Finding that the condition was irreversible, the Madrid doctors stated that the baby was sent back to Alicante.

As the case has only been archived and not dismissed, according to the Judicial Police, there is a possibility that it could be reopened in the future should any new evidence come to hand.

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