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The head of the Commercial Court No. 1 of Alicante, Rafael Fuentes Devesa, has rejected a demand from a couple who sought a refund of their flight costs following a cancelled trip.

In his findings the judge issued a statement saying that ‘low cost’ airlines are not required to reimburse ticket costs because the price reduction initially applied excludes them from the application of the general law in such situations.

The plaintiffs had demanded that Easyjet return euro 351 to them after the cancellation of their planned trip to London. They had bought the tickets through the company website in August 2013 for travel over the 2014 New Year period but due to work commitments they were forced to abandon their trip.

Given the refusal by Easyjet to make the reimbursement the pair then filed a lawsuit against the company invoking the Consumer Protection Act demanding the annulment of the general condition in the contract stipulating that reimbursements would not be made after a period of 24 hours, on any condition.

The judge, however, recalled a recent case where, in the ‘low cost’ airline sector the Consumer Protection Act had been ruled against, as the financial consideration had already applied a considerable reduction in ticket price.

Meanwhile there was rather better news for ten people at Alicante airport last week when Easyjet presented them with free tickets.

In conjunction with the Alicante Tourist Office, the budget airline had hidden the tickets across the airport and through airport publicity and a number of social network sites antravelers were invited to find them over the period of about a week.

The winners may choose flights to any one of the 14 destinations operated by Easyjet from Alicante, including London, Rome, Edinburgh, Geneva and Basel.

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