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Candidate Ignacio López-Bas


Ciudadanos, we offer the alternative of a real change to the Town Hall of Orihuela. We are a party of the citizens who want to and can solve the persistent problems of Orihuela-Costa.

Ciudadanos will have representatives in the Valencian Parliament who will respond to our requests and we will eradicate those former practices which encouraged political corruption.
Ciudadanos is presenting a candidate for mayor in Orihuela who can listen and communicate with the citizens in Spanish, English, French and German – Juan Ignacio López-Bas.

The Ciudadanos Project for Orihuela-Costa:

– To transform the Town Hall of Orihuela Costa into a really effective administrative office that can resolve issues immediately, without waiting for the approval from headquarters in the city of Orihuela, together with a larger and more stable presence of the local police.

-We will speed up the municipal administrative procedures to facilitate the rapid issuance of the first or second occupancy licenses, as well as to speed-up the granting of licenses of all kinds (terraces, no parking & keep clear signs, opening of businesses/establishments, etc).

– A new set up of Orihuela Costa so that it constitutes a consolidated urban nucleus ensuring it will receive an improved allocation of services such as the post office.

– To demand the immediate reform of the CV-91 and the CV-95 to provide a fast, agile and safe route between Orihuela and the coast, guaranteeing improved communications with our own municipality, together with the withdrawal of the AP-7 toll on its way by Orihuela-Costa, which is discrimination when you compare it to other municipalities such as Torrevieja.

– Requiring the rapid construction of the schools in Orihuela Costa and to get rid of the inadequate pre-fabricated structures, as well as the completion of the emergency centre for the police and fire fighters.

– To revise the management system of the Municipal Sports Centre of the coast and to make it more efficient and accessible to users, as well as revising the pricing/municipal rates.

– To promote the use of municipal establishments (City Hall and the Civic Centre Alameda del Mar) as a cultural space, library and meeting point, as well as planning the construction of a municipal auditorium on the coast.

– To establish criteria in municipal job listings to prioritize access for jobseekers from the coast for job positions in our area.

– To promote the status of municipality population size of Orihuela to ensure the presence and effective participation of the residents of Orihuela Costa in the District Boards and the Social Council, with genuine ability and participation in municipal decisions that affect the coast.

– Audit all public services and the way in which they are provided on the coast, to eliminate the deficiencies which are constantly being denounced by neighbours (collection and disposal of garbage and prunings, sports services, maintenance of beaches).

– To create a swimming area suitable for users and their pets (pet friendly beach), designating the space and providing hygienic facilities for this purpose.

– To improve the maintenance of the green areas and the recreation areas in municipal grounds, as well as to ensure that private property owners adhere to the regulations relating to the appearance and maintenance of their own properties.

– To adapt the access and facilities of all the beaches of Orihuela Costa to accommodate people with disabilities.

– The promotion of traditional festivals on the coast, appropriate to the different nationalities in Orihuela Costa (San Jorge, San Patricio, Día de la Hispanidad, etc), as well as a European Day Celebration and to promote leisure events for younger people.


1. We will demand an effective connection from the train station in Orihuela to Orihuela Costa by a shuttle bus service to guarantee easy access for the coastal residents to the AVE (High Velocity Train).

2. The location of a bus station in Orihuela Costa and to promote local transport facilities between Orihuela and the coast.

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