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Alberto Fabra witnessed the worst result that the Community has seen for a long number of years

The recent autonomous elections in the Valencian Community were a disaster waiting to happen for the ruling Partido Popular, as the party and its senior representatives had been racked with corruption charges. In almost every instant the ultimate outcome in many locations will be the result of talks between the various political parties.

In the three capital cities of the autonomy, the PP Mayors lost, and this was particularly hard for Rita Barbera who had governed Valencia fairly and enthusiastically for the last 24 years. The PP was also ejected from the Mayoral seats of Alicante and Castellon, as well as the Presidency of the Autonomy with Alberto Fabra witnessing the worst result that the Community had seen for a long number of years. In all likelihood, the new President will either be Ximo Puig for the Socialists or Monica Oltra for Compromis.

They will both be summoned by Mr Fabra in an effort to try and smooth out a way forward by some sort of political alliance. In fact, things are so bad for the PP in the autonomy, that you can count on your fingers the municipalities where the PP was not wiped off the map. (These incidentally include Benidorm, Benisano and Teulada).

These results clearly pointed out to the politicians that the voters think that it is about time something was done to shake them up. The result could also be said to be the direct result of what happened over the Gürtel case in the Valencian Community that has now led to at least two former councillors being put in jail, as well as one former head of Castellon. In addition, the mess the PP was in internally made it almost impossible for the party to have any credibility any more.

Caught in the crossfire of all this was Mrs Barbera, who suffered electorally as a result, despite not having any connexion with those involved in the Gürtel case other than their being of the same party as her, and you know what?

I think that we should look to her to found a new party and renew and carry forward her own very valid political ideas. Time alone will tell. watch this space.


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