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Torrevieja Superbikes Take to the Road

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The Guardia Civil Trafico in Torrevieja have taken to the roads on their new superbikes this week, patrolling between San Pedro and Alicante on their brand new Yamaha FJR 1300´s.

The FJR 1300 offers 141.5 hp and a top speed of around 240 kilometres per hour, although is considered more fuel efficient under normal road speed conditions.

The vehicle is factory adapted with a single seat and panniers to carry the equipment needed on their daily patrols, and has adapted handlebars to enable the rider to sit upright, rather than in the stooped, racing position.

The bikes are equipped with sirens and lights and carry a fire extinguisher. They also have fixed holders and brackets for the PDA personal digital assistant and printers, so that nothing moves whist the bike is in motion. In addition, the officers carry documents to enable them to make reports when there is a minor incident.

There will be more of these superbikes taking to the roads across the country over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled and you just might see them patrolling in your area.


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