Leanne fears she might be losing the baby in tonight’s first Corrie

02 Monday Corrie 01

When Leanne suffers stomach pains as she chats to Michelle in the street, Simon is concerned that it’s the baby.

Realising Leanne is pregnant, Michelle gets Tim to drive them to hospital. Leanne is anxious as she waits at the hospital with Michelle by her side.

Meanhile, ignoring Rita’s words of warning, Jenny decides to give Johnny another chance but is gutted when Johnny tells her they made the right decision by calling it a day. Johnny explains to Jenny that he needs to focus on Kate for now, rather than a relationship. Jenny bitterly accuses him of using her for sex then casting her aside.

Elsewhere, as Caz shows no sign of moving out of the salon flat, Maria is annoyed by Luke’s lack of compassion and refuses to turf her out. When Luke admits that Caz is secretly staying with him and Maria, shocked Sophie insists Kate must be told. Luke begs her not to betray his confidence.

Later, Kate is stunned to see Caz at the gym, believing she was long gone. Caz is bereft when Kate harshly spells out that she never wants to see her again. Caz cries on Maria’s shoulder about how she has nowhere else to go. Will Maria fall for it?

Also, Audrey and Maria are startled when David returns to the salon and insists on taking all his scheduled appointments. David’s faux cheeriness as he works unnerves Audrey. But as he sweeps the contents of Kylie’s nail bar into a bin liner, it’s clear he’s struggling.