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Search Closing in on Hit and Run Driver

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The white Land Rover Discovery involved in a fatal hit and run incident in Guardamar has been identified as being registered to a UK company.

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The vehicle is currently being forensically examined and investigators have already got fingerprints which will enable them to identify the vehicle´s occupants.

Judicial authorities are also collaborating with both Interpol and the British police in order to identify anybody who may be connected to the incident.

A government delegate, Juan Carlos Moragues, made the statement on Tuesday afternoon saying that “we are in collaboration with the British authorities to see who the driver was and how they relate to the company. If they were accompanied or not and if the incident was as a result of rage, negligence or another cause”.

Moragues also said that the investigation had been “delayed” as the liaison between the international authorities is meticulous and slow, hampered by the UK´s reluctance to join the European-wide automatic sharing of vehicle and driver information.

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