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Badajoz Police Rescue Dog from Car

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Although we are getting ever closer to the end of the summer season, it would appear that some drivers have still to learn the dangers of leaving animals (and humans in some cases) in closed vehicles.

On Wednesday of this week Local Police officers in Badajoz rescued a dog which had been left locked in the back of a car in a shopping centre car park.


The police were alerted to the presence of the dog, which was apparently showing signs of extreme discomfort in the back of the vehicle parked in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, locked and with doors and windows firmly closed.

The attending officers smashed the window of the car and, with the help of a vet who was close by, rescued the Dalmatian dog from within. The dog had almost lost consciousness but the vet managed to reduce the temperature from 42 degrees to 38.5, stabilizing the animal after about an hour of constant care.


The owner, a 56 year old Portuguese resident, who said that he had gone shopping and lost track of time, faces charges of a crime of animal abuse and up to six months in prison. However, in the event of the case not being strong enough, the officers also reported the driver under Extremadura animal protection laws which, through the administrative courts, which can carry a fine of up to 15,025 euro.

Meanwhile, as anxious animal lovers waited, the police took to Twitter to post a picture of Daniel in a much healthier pose than when they found him.

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