Motorist Involved in 15-Kilometre Police Chase Is Apprehended in Torrevieja

A motorist who ended up being chased for 15 kilometres by five police and Guardia Civil cars
between Mil Palmeras and Torrevieja, is set to have the book thrown at him on a whole series of motoring offences.
The unnamed driver sped off on the N-332 northbound last week after local police officers spotted the vehicle making various strange manoeuvres in Mil Palmeras, and with the motorist refusing to stop, the chase was on.
He drove through a number of red traffic lights and hit the curbs of several roundabouts at speed, as five police and Guardia units were scrambled from Pilar, Orihuela, and Torrevieja to try and stop him.
One Orihuela local police car was hit as it tried to block his way, and his high-speed journey was stopped in the vicinity of Torrevieja’s Park of Nations area, with the motorist now facing a variety of charges. What led him to start the chase is unclear at this stage.