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Kamikaze Drunk Driver Arrested on the AP-7

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A driver was arrested this week for driving 20 kilometres in the opposite direction by the AP-7 motorway between Almussafes and Xeresa.

The incident occurred on Monday when the driver had taken the toll road in Xeresa and travelled several kilometres towards the Silla exit. However, before entering the payment area, the driver turned around and set off in the opposite direction on the same side he had just travelled, into oncoming traffic, several of which had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Guardia Civil officers, who were carrying out a routine patrol, pursued the vehicle for around 15 minutes before managing to block the path of the vehicle to prevent it continuing further.

Once the vehicle had stopped, the 41-year-old driver was tested for the presence of alcohol, which revealed him to be four times over the permitted maximum limit and with the presence of cocaine in his system.

The driver was arrested for crimes against road safety and transferred to Cullera, where he underwent a speedy trial in which he was sentenced to eight months in prison and withdrawal of his licence for 20 months.

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