Mick is shocked to discover Shirley’s betrayal in Monday´s Eastenders

Mick is still in the dark over the recent changes at The Vic. Shirley knows it’s only a matter of time before he finds out what’s going on and confides in Whitney about how she forged Mick’s signature.

Shirley realises it’s time to tell Mick the truth, but she’s already too late when she spots him talking to Fi. How will Mick react to his mum’s betrayal?

Meanwhile, Denise is touched when Kush wishes her luck for her exam. She tells Kim that she just wants to be friends with Kush, but how will she react when Kim tells her about Kush’s recent date?

Elsewhere, Dot asks for Max’s help with getting Charlie and Jack in a room together to resolve their differences. Although Max helps, he’s put out when Dot later insists that it should just be her, Charlie and Jack.

Also today, Honey arranges a housewarming party for her new flat.