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Tracy confesses all to the police in Monday´s Emmerdale

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Guilty Tracy decides to turn herself into the police and plans to use the attack she recorded on her phone as evidence. Eric intervenes by stealing the phone and trying to smash it up, but will his efforts work?

Later on, Kerry takes what’s left of the phone and marches off to the police station with it, but David follows her and both are determined to get their respective points across.

David is heartbroken when Tracy goes ahead and confesses. As a police cell door is closed on a terrified Tracy, how long will she be behind bars?

Meanwhile, Charity is intrigued when she hears Debbie and Rebecca White talking business. When she realises they’re keeping their plans secret from Lawrence, she blackmails them by warning that she’ll only keep quiet if she’s made an equal partner.

Elsewhere, Moira confides in Faith when the farm is attacked again. She confronts Ross, but he insists that he’s not responsible this time.

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