Lauren decides to go off to New Zealand in Tuesday´s Eastenders

Abi makes another attempt to convince Steven that he’s better with her rather than Lauren, but he refuses to listen. Steven is completely oblivious to the fact that Lauren is actually trying to find the right way to tell him that it’s over between them.

Later, Abi bumps into Josh and then checks in on Lauren, discovering her plans to end things with Steven. Abi makes a suggestion of her own, prompting Lauren to announce to Max that she’s planning to go to New Zealand with Louie.

Meanwhile, following some encouragement from Bex and Shakil, Travis apologises to Louise for not giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Elsewhere, Alexandra vows to get her revenge when she overhears Bex talking about her.

Also today, there are tensions at The Vic over whether Patrick or Ted should be the new pot washer, while Denise struggles to tell Carmel that she’s not invited on the joint holiday.