Essie worries she is not being a good foster parent in Tuesday´s Holby City

Essie is worried that she’s falling short as a foster mum to Parker. However, determined to take all the responsibility herself, she is reluctant to accept any help from Raf.

Later, their fledgling relationship is tested as they work together on a sensitive case involving a mother and son. Can Essie trust Raf to help her connect with Parker?

Meanwhile, Bernie tasks Donna with keeping an eye on Morven during her first day back at work. Morven throws herself into the diagnosis and treatment of her patient, but can she accept the life and death nature of her job after all she’s been through?

Elsewhere, Jac is at a low ebb when Matteo depresses her even further by assigning Damon to her on his assessment day. However despite a shaky start, Damon triumphs under her tutelage. Energised by his success, she makes a demand of Hanssen to get her career back on track.