Home News TV News Robert hatches a plan to drug Lawrence in Monday’s Emmerdale

Robert hatches a plan to drug Lawrence in Monday’s Emmerdale

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Robert makes himself comfortable at Home Farm, but he panics when he hears Rebecca return. Robert is frustrated to hear that Lawrence has discharged himself and thinks his plan is being thwarted.

Later, Robert takes further action when he makes a drastic plan to drug Lawrence.

Meanwhile, Laurel apologises to Emma and assures her that she’s going to drop her public vendetta against her. Laurel makes it clear that she and Emma know the real truth of what’s happened, before playing the religious card and preying on Emma’s guilt and conscience.

However, Emma is unaware that Ross is eavesdropping on her conversation. Does this mean the truth could still come out?

Elsewhere, Eric tries to take Faith out to dinner, but he can’t get his car started. Cain is reluctant to help because he isn’t happy about Eric taking his mum out. However, Josh eventually turns up and fixes the car, leaving Eric impressed.

Also today, Pete struggles to stay calm.

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