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Phelan’s secretive behaviour arouses suspicion in Monday´s second Corrie

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Intrigued by Phelan’s behaviour, Nicola follows him. Phelan makes out that he’s working on a house conversion and is just disposing of an old mattress. However, Nicola is concerned to see a gash on Phelan’s head. As Eileen and Nicola fuss over Phelan’s injury, Nicola suggests he could donate the mattress to a homeless shelter.

At home, a stressed Phelan takes his anger out on Nicola, who’s shocked by his outburst. Apologising, he later shows her a receipt for some mattresses which he’s donated to a shelter, but he is still clearly on the edge.

Meanwhile, Macca tells Shona that Clayton is suicidal and £6,000 would give him the chance of an appeal and a normal life. Shona quizzes Todd, wanting to know if there’s any truth in Macca’s words or if he’s simply trying to take her money. Todd explains that occasionally it’s possible to get someone out of prison on a technicality, but it’s unlikely in Clayton’s case.

Elsewhere, having found out that Chesney never showed up at the puppet workshop with the kids, Sinead and Fiz discuss Chesney’s movements over the last few days and are concerned to realise he’s never left the house.

Also, as Audrey and Yasmeen coo over Mary’s grandson, Mary reveals that the wedding will be an intimate affair without their friends present. Angie is suspicious, but Mary is thrilled when Jude agrees to walk her down the aisle.

Finally, Liz shows Sean her laptop and explains how she’s adopted a false name and lured the perpetrator of the scam leaflets into exchanging emails.

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