Stacey’s behaviour takes an erratic turn in Monday’s Eastenders

Whitney and Woody try to help out Stacey, but it backfires when she rebukes them for taking the children without letting her know. Stacey is also having trouble with Lily, snapping at her when the youngster tests her patience.

Later on, Stacey also finds fault with Carmel and drags her out of the house. Martin is stunned to witness the commotion when he returns home after his two-week stint in prison. How will he react to Stacey’s behaviour?

Meanwhile, Tom continues to push his luck by sending Michelle flowers and paying another unwelcome visit to the Square. Michelle tells Tom she has no feelings for him, but will he be prepared to listen?

Elsewhere, Phil and Dennis get a date for the adoption meeting, Sharon fears Phil has forgotten their anniversary, and Karen makes a call as her desperation for cash escalates.