Billy violently lashes out at Peter in Monday´s second Corrie

Summer is found unconscious in the ginnel after smoking the cigarette. As Summer is loaded into an ambulance, Billy and Todd quiz Amy and Simon. Simon sheepishly hands them the cigarette.

Soon afterwards, Simon also admits to Peter and Toyah that he supplied Summer with the cigarette and dared her to smoke it, but never meant for her to get hurt.

Later, Peter calls at the flower shop flat and tells Billy how it was Simon who supplied Summer with the cigarette, but it was simply a prank which backfired. Billy loses his temper and flies at Peter, punching him to the ground.

Elsewhere, Cathy and a guilty Sinead keep a vigil at Chesney’s hospital bed.

Also, Toyah and Peter are thrilled when they get a call from surrogate Jackie confirming she’s pregnant.