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Aidan gets tough in his quest for answers in Monday’s Eastenders

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Aidan’s men are still no closer to finding the missing money. With suspicion continuing to run high, Aidan turns his attentions to Mick in his quest for answers.

Later, when Aidan goes to see Phil and finds Mel there, he’s left questioning Phil’s loyalties too. What will Aidan do?

Meanwhile, Kim gets the wrong idea about Vincent’s shifty behaviour, believing that he’s having an affair. Vincent insists to Kim that he hasn’t cheated on her, but he does break the news that he’ll have to sell The Albert.

Elsewhere, Masood gets reprimanded by Kathy on his first day at the chippy when he annoys the customers by trying to change the flavour of the food.

Also today, Bernadette makes amends with Ted by helping him at the allotments, while Phil is worried about Ben’s disappearance.

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