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Red Light Jumping Cyclist has Bike Confiscated

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A cyclist in Elche (Alicante) had his bike confiscated this week, after a Local Police patrol observed the cyclist riding through a red traffic light.

The officers observed the infraction on Tuesday in the city centre and proceeded to process the cyclist for committing a traffic offence. Upon speaking to the cyclist, the officers became concerned over the well being of the cyclist and proceeded with a drug test, which tested positive for cannabis.

In the interest of safety, the officers confiscated the bike and processed the cyclist for the additional offence of driving under the influence of drugs, in addition to the traffic light offence.

Cyclists are reminded that when they are on the road they are a governed by the same laws as all other vehicles, and so traffic law must be observed at all time.

Last month, officers from the Guardia Civil fined a cyclist one hundred euro for exceeding the peed limit on the CV-675 road, which links the Valencian towns of Barx and Gandia. A speed control detected the cyclist travelling at 77 kilometres per hour on the road where the maximum permitted speed was 60.

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