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A real enquiry made by a new client: Tenancy problems and Bank repossession.

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“Good morning Mr Beuzón. I am currently renting a villa. The landlord demands the rent to be paid in cash every month, in order to avoid declaring the rent as an income. Moreover, I’ve been told that the bank is repossessing the dwelling. Can I continue living at the property?”


In the first place, tax evasion is severely punished by the law, and subsequently, the landlord is obliged to register the tenancy agreement at the land registry office at your request. Likewise, you have the right to pay the rent by bank transfer, as usual practice in Spain, describing the concept of payment ( i.e “rent November”).

Therefore, at the event of dispute with the landlord or with the bank, it will be much easier for the tenant to prove that the lease agreement was signed in good faith.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend all our clients and readers to proceed with the registration of their lease agreements, because according to the new Spanish tenancy act, even at the event of repossession, the tenant will be able to continue living at the property and consequently the new landlord (the bank) should be legally obliged to respect the termination date indicated in the previous tenancy agreement.

We hope this information is useful and should you have any additional question about this or other legal matter, please kindly visit website: www.bestsolicitorsinspain.com

Thank you very much for your attention and permanent support and we look forward to helping you!

Mr Beuzón.

Doctor in Law

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