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3 Pitfalls to avoid when buying a property in Spain

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Dear Readers,

I am glad to share with you 3 pitfalls to avoid when buying a property in Spain. Some people may be under the assumption that using a real estate Solicitor will lead to unnecessary additional expenses when it comes to buying or selling their home.

However, purchasing or even selling a property in Spain is a serious business that can be very daunting, considering all the swindles and frauds committed by unscrupulous agents and developers over the past recent years in Spain. Therefore, always put your trust in a trustworthy independent regulated Law Firm, like « BZN Lex », who will always be by your side.

First. Beware of unregulated Estate Agents or low cost “bogus solicitors” that might try to offer you cheap “special legal packages”, because in order to save just a few hundred euros in the short run, you might face very financial as well as legal dire consequences later on, should the property might be illegal, or be affected by breach of planning law (resulting in heavy penalties, fines or even demolition).

Throughout our long professional experience, we have unfortunately witnessed a significant number of cases where, the conveyance process has been irresponsibly carried out by unreliable legal advisors or agents, who deliberately or inadvertently “fail” to detect hidden charges or encumbrances affecting the properties.

Second. In virtually all these cases, the pattern has always been the same: deposits blindly paid in advance to unscrupulous agents, purchase agreements poorly drafted lacking essential information elements or containing abusive clauses, arrogant or greedy estate agents totally ignorant of the property law, serious land grab problems or grave discrepancies affecting the property and Catastro registry, court’s freezing injunctions affecting the ownership of the property and so on.

Third. For example, when buying a property in Spain, it is of the utmost importance, – before paying any money to the Seller, Developer or Estate Agent, – ALWAYS to double check very carefully the background legal situation of the dwelling. Distrust those “so called legal advisors” or agents who might exert pressure on you to pay “blindly” a deposit in advance, because they disregard your interests, and they mindfully be trying to rip you off.


Bear in mind that having the ongoing help of an independent Law Firm like “BZN Lex”, that understands and respects the ins and outs of real estate legalities and more importantly that has your interests at heart, will give you complete peace of mind, saving you both time, money and trouble.

Our multi-lingual comprehensive Legal Reports offer independent and clear accurate advice, ensuring that relevant searches are rigorously carried out at the local town hall and land registry, tracking all property records, investigating any possible problems affecting the property, making sure that no claims are listed against the property.

In fact, for what ends up being only a small fraction of the amount buyers spend on purchasing a property, – and considering how much is at stake, – a regulated qualified lawyer is absolutely crucial and worthwhile.

As indicated before, going without one could ultimately result in much greater costs, and it could turn your dream of living in Spain into a real nightmare.

Remember a home is likely the most significant and largest purchase investment that you will ever make in your lifetime. Therefore, do not take unnecessary risks, and wisely protect yourself from being held legally accountable for the errors of owner’s past.

Therefore, in conclusion, should you need independent and reliable legal advice on buying, selling or renting safely your property in Spain (or for any other legal matter), please kindly visit our website www.bestsolicitorsinspain.com and we will be delighted to assist you in a timely manner.

Thank you very much for your attention, and we look forward to offer you the benefit of our “know-how”.

Mr. Beuzón

Doctor in Law

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