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Always Wear your Seatbelt

All this week, including through the weekend, officers from the Guardia Civil, supported by colleagues from the National, Regional and Local Police, are keeping a watchful eye on the roads, paying particularly close attention to the wearing of seatbelts and Read More …

And the Rain Came Down Again

Rain and high winds returned to lash the area for the third time in three months, after last week’s unseasonably mild weather broke on Sunday evening to bring another taste of misery across Alicante Province and the Mar Menor. Alicante City saw the third highest rainfall in a single day since comprehensive records started to

Torrevieja Animal Shelter Expansion Plans

Torrevieja council is planning to spend 350 thousand euro on a new expanded municipal animal shelter. Subject to approval of the authority’s 2017 budget, animal protection councillor Carmen Morate says that the current site would be redisgned and expanded with the land having an area of just over three thousand square metres. There would be

Alicante Breaks Winter Weather Records

In the winter of 1878, on March the 2nd t be precise, Alicante city saw the hottest temperature ever recorded for the season, with thermometers registering 31 degrees. According to the state meteorological office, AEMET, today, the 10th of March, 2017, at 12:50, temperatures peaked at 32.5 degrees, thus making today the hottest winter day

Increased Risk of Forest Fires

This week, we have seen forest fires locally at La Mata at the weekend, then at Santa Pola. The area is now on high alert for the risk of forest fires, even though it´s only March. In fact, collected data Read More …

Barcelona Bans Older Cars

In a meeting held this week, Barcelona has agreed to ban cars which are over 20 years old from driving on the road on working days in 40 municipalities. The move is aimed at reducing pollution, as part of the Read More …

CCTV Shows Dramatic Petrol Station Crash

Dramatic footage from a CCTV system at a petrol station has been going viral through social networks, featuring a near catastrophic crash that ended with nothing but superficial damage. In the video we see a Guardia Civil patrol car getting Read More …