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Major Christmas Operation Begins Today

This weekend, the roads of Spain are expected to be particularly busy at times, thanks to the Christmas holidays. However, this year, it is anticipated that there will be an extra three million more journeys on the country´s roads than Read More …

Staying Safe this Christmas

Although no specific threats have been received and the threat level remains the same, security measures are being put in place to ensure that Christmas passes as safe as possible. Numerous town halls across the country are currently installing large Read More …


Stacey offers some advice to a mortified Bex in tonight’s Eastenders

Martin tries to cheer up Bex after this week’s events, but she refuses to listen to him and storms off. Stacey has some advice for Bex, but will she listen to it? Meanwhile, it’s the first night of the Walford Christmas Show and there’s a sold-out audience eagerly anticipating the performance. Will it go according […]


Aidan finally confesses his love for Maria in tonight’s Corrie

Kirk calls at the salon flat and is unimpressed to find Maria hungover and Adam in a state of undress after spending the night. Maria snuggles down to watch tv with Liam, but in her hungover state she falls asleep. Later, Liam heads to the kitchen, where he switches on a gas ring. Kirk returns […]


Pete kisses Moira after a difficult day in tonight’s Emmerdale

Moira turns up late for an important business meeting as she’s hungover. She’s also in such a bad state that she messes up the pitch. Moira gets so upset about the day’s events that she confides in Pete and it’s not long before they share a kiss. When Leyla turns up at the farm looking […]

Body Found in Torrevieja Apartment

The body of a 79-year-old man which lay in his Torrevieja flat for at least a week was discovered by emergency services on Tuesday. Residents reported a strong stench coming from his flat on Calle La Loma, saying that they had not seen him for a week. The Guardia Civil and firefighters broke down the

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La Policía Nacional detiene a 20 miembros de una organización de origen nigeriano que explotaba sexualmente a mujeres

Foto relacionada con la nota de prensaLa red, asentada en Italia, Nigeria y Argelia, captaba a las jóvenes en su país de origen con falsas promesas de trabajo y una vez aceptaban, las sometían a rituales de “yuyu-vudú”
 Las mujeres contraían una deuda con la organización en torno a 30.000 euros que tenían que saldar ejerciendo la prostitución en varias provincias españolas
 El dispositivo que ha concluido con la liberación de nueve víctimas, se realizó de forma simultánea en Murcia, Valencia, Bilbao, Alicante y en Madrid, donde se llevaron a cabo 12 registros

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