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Jane accuses Stacey of betraying her trust in tonight’s Eastenders

Ian tries to make things right with Jane following his recent conversation with Mick. When Jane refuses Ian’s suggestion of a night out, Linda steps in with another idea to make her feel more confident – a charity ladies’ night at The Vic tomorrow. Unhappy over the embarrassing situation, Jane later confronts Stacey about betraying […]


Rebecca tells Aaron about her kiss with Robert in tonight’s Emmerdale

Chrissie orders Rebecca to choose between Robert and the White family. When Rebecca heads over to see Robert at The Woolpack and he insists they have nothing to talk about, she spitefully tells Aaron that Robert kissed her. Meanwhile, Bernice comes to Jimmy’s rescue when the bacon he’s cooking goes on fire. Later, Nicola is […]


Jack has another big announcement for Ronnie in tonight’s Eastenders

Jack continues to make big plans for the future, pushing ahead with preparations for the house move and discussing selling the gym. Jack has another surprise for Ronnie when he reveals that he’s booked a date for their wedding. With the pressure growing, how will Ronnie react? Meanwhile, reality hits hard for Phil. Elsewhere, Jane […]


Roxy is left with a major decision to make in tonight’s Eastenders

Ronnie isn’t pleased when an estate agent arrives to value Number 27, while Roxy is equally unhappy when she hears about Jack’s plan. Ronnie makes it very clear that they can’t sell the house without Roxy’s blessing. Later, Jack tries to make things right with Roxy and offers her half of the money from the […]


Zeedan has some shocking news for Rana in tonight’s only Corrie

When Rana’s parents arrive for a family meal, she squirms as they inform Yasmeen and Zeedan of the string of unsuitable men in her past. Zeedan is glad to escape to the Bistro when Leanne calls. He confides in her that he’s worried that he and Rana are rushing into marriage, as there’s so much […]


Scheming Emma tries to keep Moira and Cain apart in tonight’s Emmerdale

Cain is furious when he finds Emma in Holly’s room and she ignores his demands for her to leave. Cain steps up the argument by violently dragging Emma outside, but Moira steps in and reveals that she’d actually asked Emma to help pack up Holly’s clothes. Cain realises that Emma was deliberately winding him up […]


Whitney demands answers over Lee’s lies in tonight’s Eastenders

Whitney confronts Lee about why he lied over his whereabouts yesterday. How will Lee react? Meanwhile, an upset Dennis confides in Phil about recent events. Elsewhere, Dot attends her doctor’s appointment, but what news will she receive about her sight? Also today, roles are handed out for the Christmas play – with Abi breaking the […]