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Pierce puts another big plan into action in tonight’s Emmerdale

With Chas upset after recent events, Paddy gets jealous as she seeks comfort from DS Wise – her ex. When Paddy confides in Rhona and Pierce about his woes, Pierce doesn’t like the thought of Paddy losing Chas to the policeman. Pierce decides that nothing should be allowed to stand in Paddy’s way, but how […]

Suspicion falls on Kevin after the garage fire in tonight’s Corrie

As the fire investigator sifts through the charred remains of the garage, he finds a set of keys. Soon afterwards, Kevin tells Tyrone that he intends to sell the garage once the insurance has paid out. Tyrone becomes suspicious as a result, especially when the fire investigator confirms that the blaze is now in the […]

Finn’s lies are finally uncovered by Kasim in tonight’s Emmerdale

Kasim is shocked and unhappy when he realises that Finn has been paying Nathan to make him jealous. When Kasim ignores Finn’s attempts to explain and drives off, Finn gets into his taxi and follows him. Meanwhile, Nicola starts work at the factory under the pretence that she desperately needs a job. However, she soon […]

Babe gets her final warning from Mick in tonight’s Eastenders

Babe throws a Scottish-themed night at the Queen Vic with help from Whitney. As the celebrations begin, she takes the opportunity to try sabotaging the café – but Tina quickly realises what she’s up to. When Tina and Kathy both confront Babe over her latest bad behaviour, she has to confess in front of the […]

Nicola finally hears the truth about the fire in tonight’s Emmerdale

Nicola confronts Rakesh and Priya about the insurance mystery, suggesting that Rakesh was responsible for staring the fire. Keen to cover their tracks, Rakesh and Priya urge Ronnie not to tell Nicola the truth as he could implicate himself too. Later, Ronnie ignores their warnings by telling Nicola that Rakesh started the fire deliberately. Will […]

Phil has a huge shock in store for Sharon in tonight’s Eastenders

It’s Phil’s birthday and his presents include a jigsaw of the Queen Vic, which is presented to him by Dennis. Later, Phil interrupts the celebrations by dropping a bombshell on Sharon. As a result, secrets explode for the Mitchells. Meanwhile, Jack is still struggling to explain Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths to Ricky and Amy. As […]

Phelan orders Andy to burn down the garage in tonight’s first Corrie

Tracy heads off grinning after flashing her underwear at Luke in the garage. Phelan also hangs around the garage, desperate to get his hands on Kevin’s laptop to destroy the cctv footage of his conversation with Todd, but he’s thwarted when Kevin tells him to do one. Quietly fuming, Phelan orders Andy to burn down […]

Nicola discovers that Rakesh has been lying in tonight’s Emmerdale

Nicola thanks Neville for paying out the insurance, but he tells her that there wasn’t a payout at all. As a result, Nicola can’t help but wonder why Rakesh lied… Meanwhile, Finn is shocked to realise that Tracy paid Nathan to take him out. Elsewhere, Chas mistakenly thinks Charity and Bob slept together when she […]