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Phil has a huge shock in store for Sharon in tonight’s Eastenders

It’s Phil’s birthday and his presents include a jigsaw of the Queen Vic, which is presented to him by Dennis. Later, Phil interrupts the celebrations by dropping a bombshell on Sharon. As a result, secrets explode for the Mitchells. Meanwhile, Jack is still struggling to explain Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths to Ricky and Amy. As […]

Phelan orders Andy to burn down the garage in tonight’s first Corrie

Tracy heads off grinning after flashing her underwear at Luke in the garage. Phelan also hangs around the garage, desperate to get his hands on Kevin’s laptop to destroy the cctv footage of his conversation with Todd, but he’s thwarted when Kevin tells him to do one. Quietly fuming, Phelan orders Andy to burn down […]

Nicola discovers that Rakesh has been lying in tonight’s Emmerdale

Nicola thanks Neville for paying out the insurance, but he tells her that there wasn’t a payout at all. As a result, Nicola can’t help but wonder why Rakesh lied… Meanwhile, Finn is shocked to realise that Tracy paid Nathan to take him out. Elsewhere, Chas mistakenly thinks Charity and Bob slept together when she […]

Johnny has another devastating bombshell for Jenny in tonight’s first Corrie

Jenny is upset after being told to move out, but Gemma is sceptical, assuming Jenny will only miss Johnny’s money. Jenny tries to apologise to Johnny, claiming she was only looking out for Eva, but he’s disbelieving. In a bid to make amends with Jenny, Gemma phones Johnny, masquerading as a potential client and arranging […]

Cain loses it by punching Dan at the garage in tonight’s Emmerdale

Cain bans Kerry from seeing Kyle after the events of last week. Lisa urges Moira to step in and make him reconsider, while Dan tries to defend Kerry too. When Dan continues to fight Kerry’s corner at the garage, Cain loses patience and punches him. But is trouble brewing when Kyle witnesses it? Meanwhile, Cain […]

Babe causes even more chaos at The Vic in tonight’s hour long Eastenders

Babe’s Twelfth Night event at The Vic gets off to a bad start when Shirley questions whether they’re even holding it on the right day. When Babe goes ahead regardless, she orders the Carters to perform a scene from Twelfth Night with a twist. Will everyone cooperate? Meanwhile, Denise meets with the social worker and […]

Eva accuses Aidan of cheating with Alya in tonight’s Corrie

Johnny helps an upbeat Jenny move her things into his flat. At the same time, Adam confides in Peter that Aidan tried to threaten him. When Aidan invites Alya round to the flat to talk business, Jenny assumes they’re arranging a lovers’ tryst. Playing the concerned friend, she tells Eva that Aidan is having an […]

Pierce is humiliated after proposing to Rhona in tonight’s Emmerdale

Pierce panics when Rhona’s reaction to his proposal is to laugh and reject him, insisting that it’s too soon. Pierce pretends he’s fine with it, but the situation becomes even more awkward when Paddy congratulates them – not realising the proposal was actually rejected. Later, once they’re back at home, Rhona is not in the […]

Aidan is in trouble when Jenny uncovers his affair in tonight’s second Corrie

Toyah warns Eva to watch her back with Maria, as she’s got form for stealing other people’s boyfriends. Soon afterwards, Aidan locks horns with Jenny in the factory. Once alone, Johnny tells Aidan about Adam’s threat to take the business off them, before warning Aidan to stop messing with other women behind Eva’s back. Neither […]