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One Walford family receives massive news in tonight’s Eastenders

As one family receives some shocking news, life on Albert Square changes forever. Meanwhile, Max makes a shocking discovery. Elsewhere, Whitney steps up to offer support. Also today, Kathy worries as Babe prepares to start serving breakfast at The Vic, creating new competition for the café.

Phelan hatches a nasty new plan against Kevin in tonight’s first Corrie

Kevin confides in Anna that Sophie’s medical bill was much higher than expected and he’s had to dip into the garage tax account. Soon afterwards in The Rovers, Phelan steals Kevin’s phone and contacts the pick-up truck suppliers. Masquerading as Kevin, Phelan arranges to have the new truck delivered to a different address. Handing Kevin’s […]

Anna is stunned when Phelan comes to her rescue in tonight’s Corrie

With the new year celebrations in full swing, Phelan tells Eileen that he’s going to head home as he’s still not feeling well. When Phelan finds Jack wandering the street alone, Jack explains that Anna’s had an accident. Phelan breaks down the door at Number 13 and goes to Anna’s aid. Anna regains consciousness but […]

ee’s months of problems come to a head in tonight’s Eastenders

Lee finally reaches breaking point as the events of the past few months catch up with him. Meanwhile, Max’s return is continuing to cause tensions on the Square, with Martin among those who aren’t happy to see him. Elsewhere, a high Roxy tries to grab Shrimpy’s attention when she spots him dancing with Donna at […]

Anna has a shock accident on New Year’s Eve in tonight’s Corrie

When Seb calls at Number 13 and invites Faye to his family’s New Year’s Eve party, Anna reluctantly lets her go. Without Faye and Gary, and Kevin out on a breakdown, Anna is alone with Jack when she tumbles down the stairs in the dark and lies unconscious in the hallway. Unable to wake her, […]

Finn goes a step too far with Kasim in tonight’s Emmerdale

Kerry has a plan to attend singles’ night and make sure that nobody else gets anywhere near Dan. While there, Kerry also flirts with Tommy in order to make Dan jealous, but all she ends up doing is getting drunk and making a fool out of herself. Later, Joanie worries about her friend’s wellbeing when […]

Ronnie makes some secret plans with Roxy in tonight’s Eastenders

As the wedding gets ever closer, Ronnie is making some secret plans with Roxy. She encourages Roxy to get back on better terms with Jack. Later, when Roxy looks after Ricky and Amy alone, it doesn’t go well and she storms off. With Ronnie frustrated, will she lose faith in her sister?

Jimmy and Nicola panic when the kids disappear in tonight’s Emmerdale

Elliot has some awkward questions for Nicola, wanting to know when Jimmy is coming home. When Jimmy does return, the children face further disappointment and he argues with Nicola. The kids have an idea to fix things and sneak off upstairs. Not long afterwards, Nicola and Jimmy realise they have disappeared. Where are they? Meanwhile, […]

Roxy drops a huge bombshell on Ronnie in tonight’s Eastenders

Although Ronnie has insisted that she wants a quiet hen party, she changes her mind and vows to party like the old days. While this should be good news for Roxy, she soon drops a bombshell. Later, when Ronnie hears Aunt Sal reminiscing about Peggy, she’s left to reconsider her own relationship with Roxy. Meanwhile, […]