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Lisa urges Joanie to return with Kyle in tonight’s Emmerdale

After taking a look at Kerry’s phone, Liv tells Cain that she’s managed to track down Joanie. Lisa then steps in and suggests that she should be the one to confront Joanie. When Lisa comes face-to-face with Joanie, she urges her to come back to the village and points out how much Kyle loves his […]

Peter’s big secret is finally exposed in tonight’s second Corrie

Peter kisses his mystery woman in the ginnel, unaware that Simon’s drone is hovering above and a shocked Simon is watching them on his phone. Meanwhile, putting her own feelings aside, Sarah tells Gary they are finished as she has to put Bethany first. Will Gary accept this? Later, Bethany discovers a guy called Nathan, […]

Jane and Ian are horrified by Max’s return in tonight’s Eastenders

The Beales are celebrating Steven’s birthday, but Lauren is stunned when Max texts her to reveal his return and ask her to meet up. When Lauren asks Jane whether Max can attend Steven’s birthday drinks, a nervous Jane is forced to tell Ian what’s going on. How will the Beales deal with Max’s shock comeback? […]

Toyah has a tense showdown with her husband in tonight’s first Corrie

Toyah calls at Nick’s flat, but she’s taken aback to find her husband Toby there. Suggesting they need to talk, Leanne makes herself scarce. Toby begs Toyah to give their marriage another chance and try for a baby again, but Toyah is adamant that it’s over between them. With Toby gone, Leanne reveals that she’s […]

Zak faces the music when Joanie gets tough in tonight’s Emmerdale

Joanie makes a life-changing decision of her own, telling Zak that they can’t even be friends after yesterday’s events. Later, Joanie decides to take charge of her life. Meanwhile, Ronnie feels self-conscious about the expensive watch that Lawrence got him for Christmas. Later, Chrissie gets suspicious when she overhears Ronnie on the phone doing a […]

Zak faces a life-changing decision on Christmas Day in tonight’s Emmerdale

Following Zak and Lisa’s tree-stealing escapades, Belle tells her mum that it’s obvious Zak still makes her happy. When Zak and Joanie arrive for Christmas at the Dingles’, Joanie also spots how much Zak is enjoying being with his family and she worries it could be the end for their relationship. Later, a secret recording […]

Maria heads to court to hear her fate in tonight’s Corrie

Aidan admits to Johnny that he’s in love with Maria. Johnny warns him that Maria is a nightmare compared to Eva, who worships the ground he walks on. Maria returns home to find that Eva has worked her socks off preparing dinner for everybody. Masking her guilt, Maria thanks her. A tearful Maria then explains […]


Aidan and Maria get caught out by Johnny in tonight’s only Corrie

When Eva wonders why Aidan was so late home, he lies and makes out that he spent the night in the factory catching up on paperwork. Maria’s loved ones later gather at her flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance. When Eva finds out how Aidan punched Adam out of allegiance […]