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UK Soaps – Thursday 8 May 2014

listen to ‘Oh Donna, what are you doing?’ on Audioboo Thursday 8 May Neighbours Montague takes the bait. In a tense encounter, Brennan tries to record him confessing, but the arrival of Imogen transforms the situation. Susan’s suspicions lead to the police arriving. Montague tries to get away with Imogen as a hostage, but Brennan […]

UK Soaps – Wednesday 7 May 2014

listen to ‘What´s going on in Emmerdale?’ on Audioboo Wednesday 7 May Neighbours Naomi confides in Toadie and finds him to be non-judgemental about her past, unlike her mother. After arguing with each other, Chris and Amber realise that they both have to be honest with their respective partners. Sonya is shocked that Brennan has […]

Mark Jordon joins Emmerdale

When charming ex-marine Daz Spencer arrives in the Emmerdale village his hapless brother Dan (Liam Fox) is understandably on edge. Former Heartbeat and The Royal actor, Mark Jordon, will play Daz who is set to cause havoc for younger brother Dan. With Dan seemingly conflicted about being reunited with his sibling we are left wondering […]

UK Soaps – Monday 5 May 2014

listen to ‘UK Soaps – Monday 5 May 2014’ on Audioboo Monday 5 May Neighbours As Hudson has not called in the week since their fight, Chris arranges a drink with Will. Later, feeling disloyal, he cancels and accepts his solitude, but then collapses with a crippling pain. Rick the photographer gives his intern Amber […]

Soaps – Thursday 1 May 2014

listen to ‘UK Soaps – Thursday 1 May 2014’ on Audioboo Thursday 1 May Neighbours on Channel 5 After Danni is scared into running away, Matt puts a stop to Brennan’s plan to snare the suspect. Terese worries that age might be catching up with Doug when she finds the TV remote in the fridge. […]

Soaps – Wednesday 30 April 2014

listen to ‘Wednesday´s UK Soaps’ on Audioboo Wednesday 30 April Neighbours on Channel 5 Zeke’s secretive behaviour is explained when his fiancee Victoria arrives from England. Their wedding gives Susan an idea for her own future. Lauren tries to keep herself occupied, but finds herself at a loose end. To fill the void, she makes […]

The British Soap Awards 2014

Final Five Nominations Revealed The British Soap Awards returns to celebrate another mammoth year in soap opera, looking back on twelve months worth of murder, mystery, make ups, break ups, trials, tribulations, tears and heartache. The 16th annual awards, which take place for the first time at London’s iconic Hackney Empire theatre, will honour the […]

Soap Round Up – Friday 18 April, 2014

listen to ‘Friday´s UK Soaps’ on Audioboo Home and Away on Channel 5 After hearing Sasha and Matt arguing over their kiss, Jett sees an opportunity to blackmail his way on to the student council. After Spencer and Matt come to blows, Jett realises the error of his ways and apologises. Josh searches for Brax […]

Soap Round Up – Tuesday 15th April, 2014

listen to ‘Tuesday´s Soap Roundup’ on Audioboo Home and Away on Channel 5 Brax wakes up a free man and reconnects with his brothers’ complicated lives. Brax’s return causes Phoebe to leave for Melbourne without Kyle. Ricky is elated that she is in the running for a dream job in London, but is sent into […]

Soap Round Up – Monday 14th April, 2014

listen to ‘Monday’s Soaps – 14 April 2014’ on Audioboo Home and Away on Channel 5 Bianca questions why Jess remains in the Bay, knowing all the pain she is causing. Irene repays Chris by setting him up on a date with Tamara, but it backfires spectacularly. Phoebe tells Kyle that her car leaves for […]

Soap Round Up – Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Home and Away on Channel 5 Bianca is devastated to learn that Jess is pregnant with Heath’s baby. When Denny reveals that he may have to leave town because he owes money on the caravan, Evelyn and Oscar try to think of ways to help him stay. Josh tries to derail Sasha’s campaign to become […]

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