Suspicion falls on Kevin after the garage fire in tonight’s Corrie

As the fire investigator sifts through the charred remains of the garage, he finds a set of keys. Soon afterwards, Kevin tells Tyrone that he intends to sell the garage once the insurance has paid out. Tyrone becomes suspicious as a result, especially when the fire investigator confirms that the blaze is now in the […]

Nicola finally hears the truth about the fire in tonight’s Emmerdale

Nicola confronts Rakesh and Priya about the insurance mystery, suggesting that Rakesh was responsible for staring the fire. Keen to cover their tracks, Rakesh and Priya urge Ronnie not to tell Nicola the truth as he could implicate himself too. Later, Ronnie ignores their warnings by telling Nicola that Rakesh started the fire deliberately. Will […]

Andy’s fire rages through Kevin’s new garage in tonight’s second Corrie

Satisfied they’ve deleted the saucy footage from the CCTV, Luke and Tracy head out and lock the new garage behind them. Andy breathes a sigh of relief. Freddie, Tyrone and Luke then find Kevin sprawled out in the back of a car in the old garage. Realising he’s drunk, they leave him to it. Seizing […]

Kerry suffers a shock collapse while alone with Kyle in tonight’s hour long Emmerdale

Kerry’s health takes a turn for the worse while she’s out for a walk with Kyle and she ends up passing out. When Kyle runs back to the cafe to get help, Zak and Cain both assume that Kerry must have fallen over while drunk. This leads to Zak finally telling Cain that she was […]

Pierce is humiliated after proposing to Rhona in tonight’s Emmerdale

Pierce panics when Rhona’s reaction to his proposal is to laugh and reject him, insisting that it’s too soon. Pierce pretends he’s fine with it, but the situation becomes even more awkward when Paddy congratulates them – not realising the proposal was actually rejected. Later, once they’re back at home, Rhona is not in the […]

Aidan sees undeniable proof of Maria’s innocence in tonight’s hour long Corrie


Aidan heads off to visit some old contacts in the hope of drumming up business, but as he pulls up outside a factory, he’s shocked to spot Caz hurrying in – clearly on her way to work. Having blagged his way into the factory, Aidan scours the shop floor for Caz. Clocking Aidan, Caz does […]

Rebecca tells Aaron about her kiss with Robert in tonight’s Emmerdale


Chrissie orders Rebecca to choose between Robert and the White family. When Rebecca heads over to see Robert at The Woolpack and he insists they have nothing to talk about, she spitefully tells Aaron that Robert kissed her. Meanwhile, Bernice comes to Jimmy’s rescue when the bacon he’s cooking goes on fire. Later, Nicola is […]

Rebecca blackmails Robert and tries to break out Lachlan in tonight’s hour long Emmerdale


It’s the day of Lachlan’s plea hearing and Robert is upbeat, knowing that Andy could return to the village if all goes well. However, Robert receives a shock when Rebecca tells him that she’s planning to break Lachlan out of prison today. She also threatens to tell Aaron about her kiss with Robert unless he […]

Chrissie and Lawrence face a huge showdown with Diane in tonight’s Emmerdale


When the police turn up to question the Whites, Lachlan pretends that he was merely fishing his phone out of the stream. Now aware of everything, a furious Diane is determined to make the Whites pay for their actions and bursts into the kitchen at Home Farm. Lawrence tries to make Diane see that there’s […]

Phelan’s latest scheme sparks big changes for Eileen in tonight’s second Corrie

As an emotional Sean pushes Eileen to choose between them, Phelan stokes the fire by pointing out that blood is thicker than water. Eileen assures Sean that she loves him like a son and persuades him to come home. Having Read More …