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Another House Fire in Alicante

Fire crews across the Alicante province have been utilised to capacity recently, partly due to a number of forest fires, and partly due to an increase in the number of house fires. The latest,…

Torrevieja Mayor Helps the Police

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón (Los Verdes), hopes to finally facilitate the move of the Local Police Special Operations Group, GRO, who have been waiting to move out of their current location…

Torrevieja Market to Finally Relocate

The local street market in Torrevieja (Alicante) will finally relocate to a new designated site away from the town centre. The move has been pending for many years, but will finally take place on the 12th of May, relocating to a purpose-built area near to the local waterpark and hypermarket shopping centres. Traditionally, the market, […]

Alicante Bingo Hall Evacuated

Some 200 people were evacuated from a bingo hall in the centre of Alicante on Thursday after a fire broke out.
The city was celebrating a local holiday and so the venue was busier than normal, but luckily nobody was injured in the blaze attended by the…

Search Launched to Locate Infected Monkeys

The Guardia Civil is asking for assistance in locating 42 monkeys, which may be located in the Alicante province, having been illegally smuggled into the country last year. However, the search is now far more serious than first thought, as not only were the monkeys smuggled into the country illegally, tests have proven that one […]

Phelan hatches a nasty new plan against Kevin in tonight’s first Corrie

Kevin confides in Anna that Sophie’s medical bill was much higher than expected and he’s had to dip into the garage tax account. Soon afterwards in The Rovers, Phelan steals Kevin’s phone and contacts the pick-up truck suppliers. Masquerading as Kevin, Phelan arranges to have the new truck delivered to a different address. Handing Kevin’s […]


Lee faces a new financial crisis thanks to Whitney in tonight’s Eastenders

The Carters discover that Ollie’s next assessment will be in the new year. Wanting to ease the load on a worried Linda, Whitney invites the Carters over for Christmas dinner, but Lee can’t help worrying about the cost. Later, things look up for the Carters when they share some magical news. Meanwhile, Donna tells a […]

Keep a Watch on the Elderly

Within a space of just 48 hours, three elderly people were found dead in their homes in Torrevieja last week. As the nights get darker and the temperature drops it is not uncommon for elderly people to feel isolated in their homes, sometimes afraid to go out, sometimes just feeling safer in the confines of […]