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Swarm of Bees Scare Off La Marina Pub Goers

A swarm of bees got people running out of their seats outside a La Marina village bar on Monday lunchtime. The swarm appeared close to premises on the main Avenida de la Alegría in the village at around noon, with customers fleeing as the swarm approached. Emergency services were called, with a beekeeper (picture from

And the Rain Came Down Again

Rain and high winds returned to lash the area for the third time in three months, after last week’s unseasonably mild weather broke on Sunday evening to bring another taste of misery across Alicante Province and the Mar Menor. Alicante City saw the third highest rainfall in a single day since comprehensive records started to

Weather Chaos Update

December storms caused chaos in Alicante Province and the Murcia region over the weekend, with rainfall exceeding the total level accumulated for the whole of 2016. Blocked roads, fallen trees, and concern over the level of the river Segura were amongst the main issues, as three people drowned in the flood waters in the area,

Storm Warning


Hot air wafting in from North Africa and the Saharan desert brought sweltering temperatures that easily averaged 35 degrees on Monday on what turned out to be hottest day of the year so far for most the Costa Blanca and Mar Menor. Parts of Elchehit 40 degrees whilst the mercury level climbed to 37 in


Metal detectorist Alan Thomas at Lo Pagan, San Pedro del Pinatar.  Photo: A. Atkinson

WHEN it comes to being a ‘Diamond Geezer’ Villamartin based Metal detectorist Alan Thomas is just that – in his quest to find lost treasures!

“The biggest find to date was an 18ct gold ring encrusted with a six diamonds set – it was valued at £3,000,” Alan told me. It’s not often I do interviews in water – but I caught up with Alan – while trawling the sea at Mar Menor, in Lo Pagan, San Pedro del Pinatar, with his underwater metal detector.

“The £3,000 gold ring I found while detecting in Ibiza was traced back to its rightful owner – he identified it, via an inscription – and I received £500 reward,” said Alan. Metal Detecting in Spain is not allowed – unless an import license for the detector has been issued.

And areas differ, as to what times detecting can take place. The use of metal detectors could involve considerations of the Law and Regulations, governing artistic or archaeological finds, involving National Heritage and treasure trove. And if anything is found you have to comply with the complex procedures in Spain. Any finds will not be allowed to leave Spain – until consent is given.

Anything that is found of National artistic Heritage, or over 100 years old, it is unlikely that you would be granted an export permit. Also The Royal Decree of November 1987, outlining nuclear energy and radio-activity, states rules and safeguards against radiation.

The Order in March 1975 set out the homologation rules for radio-active apparatus. And certain metal detectors may not comply with these rules.

The Naval Authorities have also complained in the past following the use of metal detectors – which have been known to interfere with electronic communications.

Cornish man Alan found ‘booty’ in Lo Pagan – alas not of Spanish Heritage importance: “Look at that,” he said, pointing to a 50 cents Spanish coin, along with a cache of metal bottle tops!

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