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Pierce is humiliated after proposing to Rhona in tonight’s Emmerdale

Pierce panics when Rhona’s reaction to his proposal is to laugh and reject him, insisting that it’s too soon. Pierce pretends he’s fine with it, but the situation becomes even more awkward when Paddy congratulates them – not realising the proposal was actually rejected. Later, once they’re back at home, Rhona is not in the […]


Bethany panics as Faye knows her secret in tonight’s second Corrie

Gary enters the hotel room, oblivious to the tension and a desperately embarrassed Bethany. Under pressure, Bethany is forced to admit that she was planning to make a move on Gary. Faye is appalled. Handing Faye the hip flask full of vodka, Bethany attempts to buy her silence. Later, Bethany and Faye join Gary for […]


Jay’s underage sex charges come back to haunt him in tonight’s Eastenders

The Mitchells receive some news that could change everything. Later, there’s yet another surprise for the family when a police public protection officer turns up on their doorstep to investigate Jay’s living conditions. When the officer learns that he shares a house with underage Louise, Jay is ordered to make alternative living arrangements until the […]


Aaron’s feud with Rebecca is reignited in tonight’s Emmerdale

Liv steals vodka from the shop and attempts to break into Mill, but Rebecca spots her and tells Aaron what she’s up to. When Aaron finds Liv drinking, he feels bad that he didn’t believe her over Gabby being bullied. As the pair make up, Liv begs Aaron to find a place of their own […]


Roxy is left with a major decision to make in tonight’s Eastenders

Ronnie isn’t pleased when an estate agent arrives to value Number 27, while Roxy is equally unhappy when she hears about Jack’s plan. Ronnie makes it very clear that they can’t sell the house without Roxy’s blessing. Later, Jack tries to make things right with Roxy and offers her half of the money from the […]


Scheming Emma tries to keep Moira and Cain apart in tonight’s Emmerdale

Cain is furious when he finds Emma in Holly’s room and she ignores his demands for her to leave. Cain steps up the argument by violently dragging Emma outside, but Moira steps in and reveals that she’d actually asked Emma to help pack up Holly’s clothes. Cain realises that Emma was deliberately winding him up […]