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Torrevieja Council Inherited ‘Financial disaster’ from PP

Torrevieja’s finance councillor, José Hurtado, says that the coalition authority inherited what he described as a “financial disaster” when they took over from the Partido Popular in the summer of 2015.   Hurtado claims that council budgets have been hamstrung by previous late payments and interest provisions, which has meant that the authority has had to cough up nine

Torrevieja Budget Looks Set to be Approved

Torrevieja’s coalition council seems almost certain to get the 2017 budget passed, just days after the two Ciudadanos councillors, Pilar Gómez Magán and Paqui Parra changed their minds on voting it down. The current government team would now get 14 votes, as opposed to the Partido Popular opposition only able to muster 11 votes.   Last

Budget Blow

Torrevieja council will have to continue operating on budgets drawn up last year, after the 11 Partido Popular opposition councillors combined with the two Ciudadanos representatives to vote down the 2016 budget at last Friday’s special plenary meeting. The vote is a major blow for the coalition administration which took office in the summer of 2015.  PP

Market Wars Restart in Orihuela

The councillor for markets in Orihuela, Damasco Aparicio of the Partido Popular, is set to reignite a battle between the town hall and market traders after announcing that the licences for 80 stalls in the Tuesday market would not be renewed, thus taking the retail allocation down from 320 stalls to 240. The idea, according Read More …

The New Political Faces of Orihuela

The new Partido Popular mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, has this week announced the roles his government team will play during this next administrative person. Despite the Partido Popular ruling Orihuela for many years before being ousted by the coalition in the last elections four years ago, many of the names and faces in the […]

TV Ban on Bullfighting Denied

Thanks to the majority votes of the ruling Partido Popular, the culture committee in the Spanish congress has rejected proposals to ban bullfighting broadcasts on television. The motion was proposed by the Izquierda Plural and had the support of all other parliamentary groups. During the debate, the Izquierda Plural were critical of various initiatives implemented […]


The recent autonomous elections in the Valencian Community were a disaster waiting to happen for the ruling Partido Popular, as the party and its senior representatives had been racked with corruption charges. In almost every instant the ultimate outco…

Corruption Complaint

President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, has complained that an investigation into an ex-minister and former International Monetary Fund chief over alleged fraud and money laundering is damaging to his ruling political party, the Partido Popular. Facing a tough election this year, Rajoy said that the investigation into Rodrigo Rato “particularly affects the Partido […]

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