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Actress Priyanga Burford stars as UKIP MP Deepa Kaur in this fictional documentary about the first 100 Days of a UKIP government. Here, she reveals more.

What’s UKIP: The First 100 Days all about?

It imagines a scenario where UKIP have won the…

Deirdre and Me: A Tribute

On Tuesday 3rd February on ITV there is another chance to see this documentary special looking at the woman behind those famous glasses, showing as a tribute to the late Anne Kirkbride and her 40-year career playing Deirdre Barlow on Coronation Street. Originally shown in November 2012, this hour-long documentary sees Anne takes the cameras […]


January is a great time to update your look and glasses are a quick and easy way to refresh your style and make a statement, by carrying through some of the latest trends.
Natasha Gray, Global Stylist and Frame Communications Manager, from optical br…


Like a futuristic battleground, a fleet of armed and un-crewed aircraft, or “drones” as they are more commonly know, are set to take to the skies in an attempt to fight back against a form of terrorism that has been plaguing many.

UK Soaps – Monday 5 May 2014

listen to ‘UK Soaps – Monday 5 May 2014’ on Audioboo Monday 5 May Neighbours As Hudson has not called in the week since their fight, Chris arranges a drink with Will. Later, feeling disloyal, he cancels and accepts his solitude, but then collapses with a crippling pain. Rick the photographer gives his intern Amber […]

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