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Toyah feels torn between Peter and Toby in tonight’s second Corrie

As Peter eyes the bottle of vodka longingly, he reaches a decision. Will he return to the bottle or not? At the same time, Toyah ruefully admits to Toby that Leanne was right about Peter. But as he drives her home to collect her belongings, Toyah has a sudden change of heart and decides that […]

Michelle’s scandalous secret is finally exposed in tonight’s Eastenders

With Preston focusing his attentions on Bex once again, Michelle gets jealous and intervenes by implying to Martin that Preston isn’t right for his daughter. Michelle’s interference backfires when Martin is confused by her behaviour, and things only get worse for her when Preston announces that he and Bex are now officially a proper couple. […]

Laurel and Doug have fallen out badly in tonight’s Emmerdale

Laurel is relieved that Ashley is safely back at the care home. There’s also a heartfelt moment when he and Laurel dance together, both losing themselves in the music. However, it’s not all good news for the family because Laurel is still struggling to forgive Doug after he made a crass comment about Ashley last […]