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Keep your Number Plate Clear

The number plate on a vehicle serves as a unique visible indicator that allows for the identification of certain elements such as the vehicle´s owner, to those with access to the necessary database. For everyone else, it still serves to Read More …

Tourist Toppers

Spain has smashed the record for visits from foreign tourists last year, with a total of 71 and a half million visitors, and that’s before figures for December are factored in early next month! In November alone, four point one million foreign visitors arrived in Spain, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Up

Paved Walkways Installed in Torrevieja’s El Cura Beach

Torrevieja’s El Cura beach has become the first of three beaches in the city to have new paved walkways installed, which will be of special benefit to wheelchair users wanting easier access to local beaches. Los Náufragos and Los Locos are next on the list, with the walkways having the flexibility to be taken up


Nine Immigrants Rescued and Brought to Torrevieja

A maritime coastguard boat has rescued nine people from a boat off the coast of the Alicante province on Saturday morning, transferring them to Torrevieja to be dealt with. Those rescued are said to have originated in Ghana and were heading to Spain to start a new life. The Salvamento Maritimo crew delivered the rescued

Cloning Credit Card Fraudsters Arrested

Two men, both aged 30, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil for using cloned credit and bank cards to buy goods and services on the Internet, including holidays and luxury hotels in Spain and France. The men live in Torrevieja and Aigües de Busot, with the Guardia saying that the alleged fraudsters swindled at


Drought Move

Production at Torrevieja’s desalination plant is set to double from October 1st after an expected extension to Spain’s drought measures this coming Friday. Government ministers in Madrid will meet at the end of the week to continue their drought emergency plan for at least another year which will see the Torrevieja plant working at full

British MP Arrested In Alicante

Simon Danczuk MP has been arrested in Spain following an alleged incident involving his estranged wife. He reportedly threw Ms Danczuk’s phone in the swimming pool at their apartment in Alicante and shouted that to her that he wanted to talk as he was escorted away by police and spent the night in an Alicante […]

What Types of Vehicles Can I Drive?

If you look at the back of your driving licence you will see a list of vehicle categories determined by both a letter and a pictogram indicating the type of vehicle referred to. The license also displays dates next to Read More …