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Figures for Costa Blanca Hotel Stays Last Year Boosted by National Tourists

The Costa Blanca’s tourist boom in hotel stays last year was not just down to a rise in international visitors, but was also boosted by a big hike in domestic tourists, according to figures from the National Statistics Institute. After Madrid, the Costa Blanca was the biggest attraction for Spanish tourists looking for a break, with

Tourist Toppers

Spain has smashed the record for visits from foreign tourists last year, with a total of 71 and a half million visitors, and that’s before figures for December are factored in early next month! In November alone, four point one million foreign visitors arrived in Spain, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Up

Sophie is rejected as Kate tries to win Caz back in tonight’s second Corrie

Ordering Sophie to leave, Kate begs for Caz’s forgiveness – insisting the kiss meant nothing and Sophie came on to her. Kate pleads for a second chance, but a furious Caz tells her it’s over. At Number 4, Sophie pours Read More …