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Carol & Martin and two other dancers Pip & Wayne

Every Sunday and Thursday night the area of Jalon and Moraira rebound to the sounds of Modern Jive and the many would be dancers having fun.

So what is Modern Jive/Slow Modern Jive/Mo Jive/Le Roc/Ceroc?

It’s a combination of many dance forms and is derived from Swing, Lindy Hop, Rock and Roll, Salsa and many others. The main innovation is the simplification of the footwork, by removing syncopation such as chasse. The word modern distinguishes it from ballroom Jive.

It’s a real buzz to be able to get up on the dance floor and wow your friends with this stylish dance form. Not to mention the fantastic health advantages from all that exercise. It’s more fun than the gym and much more social. A few lessons and you will never need to sit on the sidelines and watch others having fun.

Martin and Carol, who have been teaching for 7 years, always stress that partners are not necessary as they encourage the better dancers to mix with the total beginners and they never allow anyone to feel left out.

It’s great to see the difference that the group, who meet at the Tortuga bar in Jalon every Thursday evening at 8pm, have made in a few lessons. They have now become a close knit family and held their first Christmas celebration last Friday night in the Tortuga bar. They were joined by the class who meet, come rain or shine, at the Café del Mar in Moraira every Sunday night at 8pm.

This coming year Carol and Martin are planning some special fun events and will be calling all dancers, young and old and would be dancer, together to enjoy the revival of Jive in the Moraira and Jalon area.

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