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Officers from the Guardia Civil have arrested 2 people suspected of at least eleven offenses of burglary from homes in the towns of Pilar de la Horadada, the Orihuela Costa and Cartagena in addition to the crimes of theft of a vehicle, forgery and fraud by using a credit card.

The officers stopped a van in a commercial area of Punta Prima, believed to have been used during their criminal activities. Upon inspecting the vehicle, the officers found items believed to be stolen and subsequently arrested one of the suspects.

The second person was arrested at the home he shared with the previous arrestee in Pilar de la Horadada, where officers found further evidence of their crimes and more items believed to be stolen, including electrical appliances such as washing machines, dryers and ovens, jewellery and clothing.

At the time of arrest, both men presented documentation also believed to have been forged, hampering their full identification.

The detainees, both of Romanian origin and men of 29 and 38 years of age, were identified by the initials S.A.S. and F.C., and are charged with the alleged commission of the crimes of burglary in indoor housing, theft and use of motor vehicle, forgery and fraud.

The investigation began in November after investigators noted an increase in the number of reported burglaries in residential areas of the town of Pilar de la Horadada.

During the investigation, the two men became highlighted to officers, who suspected them as being involved in more than a dozen burglaries, not only in their local area but as far as Los Urrutia, Los Barreros, Santa Ana and los Nietos in Cartagena.

The method in which the team worked would see them first parking their van in the vicinity of the target property, and then waiting for the inhabitants leave their home.

They then forced access to the property and, once inside, took as much as they could carry, which included jewellery, clothing, shotguns and electrical appliances, all of significant volume, which didn´t impede them in any way.

A credit card stolen from a home in Pilar de la Horadada was used to withdraw money from cash machines and make various purchases, all to the value of 800 euro and all within just 2 hours.

In Cartagena, a similar catchment resulted in the pair running out of room in their van, subsequently steeling the owners vehicle to assist them, later to be found abandoned, missing the stereo. That stereo later found installed in the van used by the suspects.

The most significant theft discovered by the officers occurred in Orihuela, when the pair robbed a home of two people who had bought and wrapped presents to give to their grandchildren at Christmas, only to find that their kind hearted gesture had been destroyed by the heartless thieves, until those gifts were recovered by the Guardia Civil and returned to them, making their Christmas dreams come back to life.

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