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Juan Ignacio López Bas and Pedro Mancebo

The municipal secretary of Orihuela, Virgilio Estremera, believes that there has been “continued compliance” of the requirements for the presentation of the censure motion in Orihuela, scheduled to take place at noon on Friday.

In a report issued today, the Notary believes that effective documentary evidence has not been provided to prove the legal ousting of Pedro Mancebo and Juan Ignacio López Bas from the CLR-Claro coalition; they may therefore vote the motion of no confidence in Orihuela.

However, it´s not fully over yet for the PSOE and Los Vedres coalition government, the final decision has been left in the hands of the Council of Elders, with the responsibility of the final decision being put on the shoulders of the Chairman, who is Bob Houliston.

Houliston has a very difficult decision to make, one which could land him personally in a lot of legal trouble, or one that could lead to the ultimate decision on the future of Orihuela´s government being left for the courts to decide. Houliston may of course also back down and allow the motion to continue.

There is also the possibility that the vote will not go in favour of the PP and Clr led motion, but that is far from likely that is not a consideration.

Although becoming increasing likely that the once arch enemies of Pedro Mancebo and Mónica Lorente may once again sit side by side in government, we still have to wait for the definitive decision, but even then, should the motion become a reality, the decisions made by government will still require discussions and votes, and so, when the first debates take place, those important decisions that affect the residents of Orihuela may still be held in stalemate, as the potential opposition to the PP will theoretically be greater, and so there is no saying that the paralysis of government will not continue.

Some of the key players in this move will be on Exite Radio next week talking to Mark Nolan to explain what has happened. You can hear what Pedor Mancebo has to say on Tuesday, Bob Houliston on Wednesday and Martina Scheurer on Thursday. If you have any questions, email studio@exiteradio.com and then make sure your radio is tuned in to 89.2fm on the Orihuela Costa or 93.1fm elsewhere, and you can also listen via the website, www.exiteradio.com.

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