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Despite the city centre resembling a “ghost own” of businesses that have shut down one after the other, and continual stories of ex-pats “returning home”, the residential population of Torrevieja continues to grow, especially with foreign residents, according to the latest figures released by the municipal register office.

In the last year, the total registered population of Torrevieja has increased by another 483 residents, now having a total of 107,492 people on the census records. Of this figure, 57,115 people, or 53.1% are citizens of a foreign origin.

This latest data makes Torrevieja, once more, the third most important city in the Alicante province, behind Elche and Alicante itself, and the fifth most important across the Valencia region.

It was in the year 2007 that Torrevieja first surpassed the 100,000 residents mark and although the growth spurt has reduced, the city has still maintained growth since that landmark date. However, despite that growth, many still say that the infrastructure and public services have been slow to adapt to the increase, in particular the apparent deficiencies in public transport services and gaps in services that some other cities with fewer people have adapted as the administration and services grew at the same population.

Once again though, one of the most significant characteristics that makes Torrevieja stand out is the number of immigrants who live within the boundaries, proportionately more than any other place in the area, and with the Brits still dominating first place.

Of the 53.1% of the population, a total of 57,115 people, the Brits take up a 12,759 slice of the population. Once in second place were the Germans but for the second year running they hold the third place position with 3,906, as the continually increasing Russian residents hold second place with 4,474 people registered.

Still representing just about every nationality from around the globe, the remaining immigrant population are made up of residents from Sweden (3,206), Morocco (3,040), Bulgaria (2,922), Romania (2,671), Norway (2,397), Ukraine (2,212), Belgium (1,628), Finland (1,338), Italy (1,190), Colombia (1,068), Ireland (991), China (939), Algeria (894), India (854), Lithuania (743), Ecuador (693) , Poland (691), France (660), Netherlands (656), Argentina (541), Brazil (445) and the remaining from another of 115 countries.

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